Sunday, February 17, 2008

Team 21

"If I could solve all the problems, I would." -- Thomas Edison, when asked why he had a team of 21 assistants

The Teams

Runners from 11 different states and Europe joined Team 21. There were a total of six virtual and real running teams assigned the following missions:

Team 21 Alpha: run 21 marathons or ultras
Team 21 Bravo: run 21 half marathons
Team 21 Charlie: run 21 10Ks and other distances
Team 21 Delta: run 21 5Ks
Team 21 Echo: runs any distance races
Team 21 SAIC: run IOA Corporate 5K race

Members who wished to dedicate races of different distances (i.e., a marathon and a 10K) were allowed to sign up for multiple teams.

What It Involved

Team 21 member ran 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, full marathons, ultras or any other distance race. The minimum number of races required was only one and the minimum donation required was $10 per race. The races could be located anywhere in the world but had to be completed by end of 2005. They were allowed to run multiple races in which case the donation requested was $10 multipled by the number of races. Members were allowed to belong to more than one team.

The minimum donation amount was required upfront to join a team. Team members were encouraged to raise additional funds but not required. Run segments of triathlons/duathlons were acceptable. Runners who are members of other fundraising/running programs (such as Team in Training, Team Diabetes, Train To End Stroke, etc.) could dedicate their races and help further two worthy causes.

Team 21 Terms of Agreement & Benefits

Each team member was responsible for his/her own training and other expenses associated with running the race(s). All risks associated with participating were assumed by the member. For just a $10 minimum donation, runners received the following:

1. an attractive, small, lightweight pin and button (wearing is optional)
2. a chance to win one of multiple great prizes !!!
3. limited, free online coaching advice
4. discounts from sponsors
5. help with fundraising (which is optional)

There were monthly drawings for various prizes worth $15-$25 at the end of each month from September 2004 to April 2005. To commemorate the completion of my 21 marathons, FOUR $25 Road Runner Sports gift certificates were given away mid-June 2005. Additional end of month drawings were held July 2005 through December 2005 and to celebrate the official end of fundraising, I raffled away one $100 RRS gift certificate mid-January 2006.

One raffle entry was credited for every $10 donated, raised or for every person recruited for Team 21. Prizes for highest fundraisers on Team 21 included a 7 day stay at a luxury resort, a Southwest airline ticket, and Marine Corps Marathon entries (3).